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Information Awareness Month 2020 Finale 
featuring IAM 2020 participating organisations
including virtual networking cocktail party
Friday May 29 15:30-17:00 AEST



ALIA Library and Information Week


AI@Work Seminar:
Can Technology Help Us Discover and Manage Biological Threats?

Tuesday, 12 May 2020
17:00 – 18:00

The hidden, near-invisible quality of viruses such as COVID-19 raise biological threats some of the most dangerous that our civilization has ever faced. Even nuclear risks can be easier to identify and monitor. Threats from new diseases and viruses are not only a health problem, but they are also a national defence problem, impacting on our economy and determining big social change.
These are all scenarios where Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can provide tremendous support.


Maurizio Mencarini
VP Global Strategic Partnership at Expert System

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AI@Work Seminar: 
Hybrid Models to Create Contextual Intelligence

Thursday 28 May 2020
17:00-18:30 AEST

In this webinar, our guests will provide an overview of the Strategic Intelligence platform, presenting the key features that enable the community of diverse stakeholders to better inform their decision making process, by highlighting the key factors of transformational changes, supported by evidence and detailed information. They will also present their knowledge management processes, which combine Artificial Intelligence and human curation, forming a Hybrid Intelligence.  Our webinar speakers will explain some of the practices, technologies and methodologies utilised to continuously enrich and support the WEF’s knowledge platform.

Guest speakers

Pierre Saouter
Data Scientists, Strategic Intelligence
World Economic Forum

Tooba Durraze
Policy and Industry lead, Strategic Intelligence, World Economic Forum

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Enterprise Data Management: What does “Good” look like?
Thursday, 7 May 2020
12:00pm – 1:00pm

Speaker: Jon Gray CEO & Chief Data Scientist, Catapult BI
Many organisations produce large quantities of data across many different business areas, and the volume of this data is increasing faster than their capacity to manage it.
Although each organisation has unique characteristics that distinguish it from others, … the fundamentals of Enterprise Data Management (EDM) good practice are the same in most large organisations.
This presentation is a “think piece” about what a good Enterprise Data Management program (EDM) program of work should look like.
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(Agile) Data Governance: When Lives Depend on Data.
Thursday, 21 May 2020
12:00pm – 1:00pm
Speaker: Paul Grant, KPMG ( Contracted to Defence)

The general public sometimes fears that governments, enterprise or other organisations intend to use data against them, as was the case when My Health Record was expanded to an ‘opt-out’ model. In contrast, for those who enlist in the Defence forces to serve their Nation with their very lives, it is the opposite; they expect their employer to be doing as much as possible with their data, so as to provide them with the best possible protection when it really matters, as well as ensuring that they are ‘fit to fight, fit to work, and fit for life’.
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Discovering and Accessing Geoscience Australia’s (GA) Data and Publications
Tuesday, 26 May 2020
12:00pm – 1:00pm
Speaker: Margie Smith Asst Director – Data Policy and Governance, Geoscience Australia
GA’s open catalogue currently holds 34000+ public objects covering data and information from the 1940s to the present day. Using a ‘line in the sand’ approach, we are working towards using procedures and tools to support user compliance with the metadata standard to enable a better search experience in the catalogue – particularly by machine-to-machine processes.
Using an iterative/agile approach with the resources that we have requires a certain level of future planning/juggling so that as a piece of the puzzle is built, all the pieces will eventually make the same picture. It is a slow and steady process with a multi-disciplinary team.
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IIM Webinar:  “Preservation of Information and Misinformation Broadcast in Critical Situations

When: 20 May 2020 16:30-17:30 AEST

This year, the Information Awareness Month is focused on the practices associated with handling information in critical situations, such as natural disasters,
terror-attacks, disease outbreaks and similar events that have a significant impact on our lives, wellbeing, economy, lifestyle and shape who we as a nation are.  In this seminar, we will expand our dialogue on this theme with a spotlight on the preservation of information (and misinformation) linked with these situations.

Guest speaker:  

Mr David  Fricker GAICD
Director-General, National Archives of Australia
President, International Council on Archives

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IG and COVID-19 
In Privacy Awareness Week, join us to discuss the myriad of IG issues  arising from COVID-19. Moving to online for work, education, telehealth services, court hearings have all happened with speed, opening the door to a variety of risks.  Meanwhile, timely access to trustworthy information is critical for governments and businesses to make effective decisions and take appropriate actions.  The current crisis highlights the importance of good information governance and sound policy making that will withstand the test of time.
Presented by Chris Colwell, Sonya Sherman, Melanie Marks and Matthew Golab
Wednesday 6 May | 12pm | AEST

ARMA IG Implementation Model
This session will introduce ARMA’s Information Governance Implementation Model (IGIM).  Attendees will learn how the IGIM offers a functions approach to IG by focusing on seven key areas necessary to implementing a successful IG program.  Attendees will learn how to use the IGIM and IGIM-aligned resources to build their IG programs or take them to the next level.
Presented by Ann Snyder and Ilana Lutman.
Wednesday 13 May | 11am | AEST

National Archives – Information and Data Framework & Policy Update
Join us to learn about NAA’s Policy development work along with the Data Interoperability Maturity Model (DIMM).
Presented by Eric Swain and Linda Zakman.
Wednesday 20 May | 12pm | AEST

Theory V Reality – is it actually worth planning for the unknown? 
6th May | 11am – 12pm AEST
Presented by Paul Fechner, Manager, Knowledge and Process Reform (Information Strategist / Digital Champion)
We’re all fully aware of the devastating world wide effects of Covid-19 and the Australian Bushfires of 2019 – but are we learning from these experiences and will we adapt? Paul Fechner will take you on a thought provoking journey on why the RIM Profession is currently and or needs to step up and embrace and direct past, present and future challenges.
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Pushing it uphill?: Building and living your Information Strategy and Culture 
11th May | 2pm – 3pm AEST
Presented by Frank Flintoff, Senior Information Compliance Specialist – Governance, Risk and Compliance
We hear a lot about needing to have an Information Strategy and building a strong culture of best practise information management. We’re told “these are your deliverables” but how do we magic up these behemoths? 
Sometimes giants like these can make us feel like it’s all too much, and the weight of all our BAU keeps drowning them out. But you can do it, and you’ll smash it! 
Frank’s passionate about these two topics and will share her favourite advice, experience and favourite professional, personal and psychology tips to help you transform these aspirational monsters into real, achievable, implemented programs. 
So you get the most benefit from the webinar possible, you’ll be able to submit questions and suggestions you would like discussed relating to information strategy and culture by submitting your questions to Submit your questions here
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Self-Learning in the Digital Age 
20th May | 11am – 12pm AEST
Presented by Chris Foley, Director – Foley Business Consulting Astral Consulting
Professional development pathways are shaped by necessity. The Digital Age transformed our workplace tools, while leaving in place a dominant paradigm in which learning occurs in social settings.
The Age of Lockdown, however, has stripped away our preconceptions about how learning should and must occur. More than ever the individual is forced onto their own resources to identify their own professional development needs and to engineer their own professional development pathways. Self-learning is more than browsing and enrolling in pre-packaged courses. It is a journey of self-discovery to understand what you need, when you need it, and how best to obtain it.
Come join this presentation and discuss tips and strategies for self-learning in the Age of Lockdown.
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Do you have your eyes on information?
Join us on Wednesday the 27th May to expand your knowledge and gain insight as we take a virtual trip in Australasia and explore varying perspectives on the impacts our information industry is facing during these unknown times.
This is a live webinar and will run for 3.25 hour duration.
Conni Christensen: Driving Digital Transformation in Information Management
Edward Fry: An eye for information in unknown times from an Indigenous perspective
David Fricker, Director General NAA, Progress on Digital Continuity 2020
Richard Foy, Chief Archivist of Archives New Zealand: The Role of Soft Skills and Micro-Credentials in maintaining Employability during Uncertain Times  
Andrew Warland: An Introduction to the records management elements of Microsoft 365?
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