IAM History

For the last 15 years, month of May was celebrated as the Information Awareness Month (IAM).  It is the month when information professionals get together to promote modern and improved practices of managing information in Australia and by Australians. 

The official launch of IAM 2007

We spoke to Vladimir Videnovic, our current National President and one of the founding members of the IAM initiative.  Vlad said that “In Australia, we have a number of professional associations and organisations that are in some way related to the information management discipline.  In the past, we used to confuse our audience with various, often conflicting views about the world of information and recognised good practices in dealing with data and information management challenges.  IAM is a collaborative platform that allows various bodies within information, knowledge, records, archives and data management communities to get together and share experiences, explore, promote and celebrate better ways of handling information, present ideas, discuss concepts and demonstrate solutions as a unified society of information professionals.”

Information Awareness Month is a collaborative initiative supported by a range of organisations within information, knowledge, records, archives and data management communities

For an overview of events delivered in the past under the IAM umbrella, visit: https://informationawarenessmonth.org/.

Last year, the IAM theme was “Informed about Your Changing Environment”.  It delivered a range of online events, exploring this theme from various perspectives.

The IAM 2020 launch event, hosted by IIM, was delivered in the form of a webinar focused on the importance of the Right information.  It discussed how information can be derived, distributed, used (and misused) in critical situations (such as natural disaster, terror-attack, disease outbreak and similar) and what have we learned from the recent experiences. 

Panellists of the IAM 2020 Launch event

A recording of this webinar is available at https://www.iim.org.au/webinars–videos.html

The theme for the IAM 2021 is “Building Trust – Adaptability and Capabilities“.

The IAM Organisation Committee is working on the calendar of events for the IAM 2021.  We will keep you in the know about the IAM 2021 events with more details when they become available.

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